Who said you can’t have fun or achieve greatness?

So the September years are fast approaching and you wouldn’t be far wrong in thinking once you have hit that “age” well you just have to shuffle off and leave the fun stuff to the kids.

Why on earth would you think that???


Michael & Lynn

Michael & Lynn


It doesn’t help that holiday companies start to target you all in an a different way, clothes retailers make their garments a little more roomy, insurance companies start talking to you about leaving a little something behind, even in health and fitness it’s all movement for your joints and spa days.

OK I’m being a little dramatic but seriously the firms out there are behaving from what I can see like you have one foot in the grave, when you are actually hitting the prime of your life, the kids have pretty much left the roost, even settled themselves now with kids, this is your opportunity to repay yourself for all those hard days and nights bringing them up and get out and enjoy yourself.

After all you are known rightly so as Generation “FAB” (fifty and beyond)

You can be trendsetters, dress up in glamorous gear, drive a nice car, get out and get active, after all Gandhi once said:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Well nothing is going to change if you don’t make it happen, there are plenty of women who are still very glamorous in their FAB years, ladies like:

Julienne Moore, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Courtney Cox (from friends), Monica Belucci and Michelle Pfifer who is still considered one of the sexiest older ladies in the world.


Also who said you can’t have fun or achieve greatness, you just have to make a start, have a look over this list perhaps there maybe someone who inspires you?

Some notable names are:

Arianna Huffington, Dawn French, Erin Brockovich, Jane Fonda, Joanna Lumley, Katie Couric (who on the cusp of her 50th birthday became the first female solo anchor of a national evening news show) Madonna, Nigella Lawson

Not one of those mentioned has taken to comfy pants and coach trips so why should you?

Where do you start? I hear you say

Firstly your health is the most important factor in my humble opinion, perhaps you have been like many other ladies out there who have piled on the pounds over the years and like your food? Well that’s OK but everything in moderation, if you are struggling to get the lbs off then why not look at making yourself accountable speaking to a coach who can help you with the basics, what’s good and what is bad for you, after all your metabolism has in all likelihood took a battering over the years, working with the right person may help you even pull it back.

Getting your nutrition on track can have far reaching benefits, feel better, more energy, stronger hair and nails, new wardrobe needed, new shoes, well maybe not the shoes but why not treat yourself :)

Did you even do sports when you were younger and would love to take it up again?

The only thing that is stopping you is your mindset

Don’t take it all on yourself as you are not ready for the knackers yard and the ladies who will be following in your footsteps are looking up to you.

After all who wants to actually wear Big Knickers !

Michael & Lynn 12k 60 Obstacles Assault Course - lots of mud and freezing!

Michael & Lynn 12k 60 Obstacles Assault Course – lots of mud and freezing!

NB: This website is intended to provide general information and does not take account individual circumstances, however a chat with the author might be the enlightenment you need!

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Michael and Lynn

Michael and Lynn

Michael and Lynn are nutrition coaches who work with ladies (and gentlemen) of all ages to help them become the best possible versions of themselves, with 1:1 coaching they assist clients in navigating all the misinformation about nutrition, although they are not yet in the FAB group it is steadily approaching for Michael and so shortly after his 40th birthday he embarked on a mission to lose weight, get active and make sure he didn’t waste any more of his life sat on his behind watching TV and eating takeaways.

Since the mission started they have lost over 70lbs of body fat between them and their activities are through the roof, mountain walking, regular gym goers, and even completed a 12k assault course together all by making a couple of little changes to their eating habits.

For more information on what they offer visit www.thebuzzcoach.co.uk or call 07714 850425 and book in for a FREE health check.

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