We are in such amazing times where people are starting to wake up. However, the process can be unsettling as the world around us changes, sometimes it is not always through choice.  It can seem forced upon us. 

Relationships break down, often after many years – this was not how you were taught it was supposed to be.  Till death do us part remember?  Later years alone?  The job you had, sometimes for many years no longer exists?  What next?   Your older?  What value do you add?  I mean, how many years till you could take your pension?  What next?  Your health takes a different turn and you are facing the unexpected, possible death?  What next?  Your children leave home, what next?

As women we can define ourselves by what we do, our function in life, to be the mother, the wife, the good all rounder dependable person at work.  We go out of our way to help others, we make sure everyone else is OK.  Yet we forget that we are at the centre of all this and we also have needs.  We are not taught to understand what those are, let alone even ask for them – that’s selfish right?

There is something rising within women now and I believe it is a spirit within that says I matter, I am important, I have a voice, I am entitled to be here and I deserve to be loved and respected. 

We will not however achieve this, until we start at the very beginning and that is with ourselves.  We have to realise that what we are looking for is within us and that we can access love and respect when we show it to ourselves, it is OK to not only put our needs first but also to have the courage to ask ourselves – what do I need in this present moment?

We can then ask for those needs to be met, be it by the universe, a partner, our children.  We can say no and be OK with this.  We can allow others to take responsibility for themselves and not feel guilty about it.  We can also express ourselves when we feel it is appropriate rather than avoid the possible confrontation.

Here are my tips for those who may be feeling lost, are in transition and secretly realise they are worthy:

    1. Begin to acknowledge your feelings no matter what they are, do not judge them as good or bad.  Just notice, in this moment I feel ………………..
    2. Take a moment to yourself, to sit with how you feel.  Use your breathe to centre yourself and from this place ask yourself – given how I am feeling what do I want?  Do not censor the answer and do not be concerned if nothing arises in this moment.  Just know that it will come to you.
    3. Be mindful that you may list all the things that you don’t want.  Remain focused on what you DO want.  What feels good for you?  Notice this before the mind kicks in with all the reasons why you cannot have that.  If this happens, just be aware, just notice, allow these to come up, however, remain focussed on what you do want.
    4. ASK – I use prayer for this to begin with to set the intention, to also release all the fears and mind chatter about why you cannot have what you want.
    5. Action – what is the inspired action that you feel you need  to take.  Action could also be doing nothing.  Action could mean speaking up when you are hiding.  Action could be taking that day off for you.  Take the holiday you have been wanting.  Going for walk, cooking a nice meal.  It doesn’t have to be life changing, it is just you following your own feelings and guidance in any given moment.
    6. Support – when we are feeling lost and in transition, it can be scary, we can feel as though the ground has been ripped from under our feet.  If we are going against what others do, then many can be trying to pull us back.  Finding the right people who will support you through transition in an empowering way helps us keep going, taking those small steps and feeling nurtured and supported on the way.
    7. Trust – as you begin to build your inner strength and power.  As you begin to trust your own inner guidance, you will begin to find a safety and security in an ever changing world.  You will begin to realise that you have the power to change your life and you have a divine right to live a  joyful and fulfilling life.


Each and every one of us is needed on this planet at this time and now is the time we are being called to stand in our true power, bring all of ourselves into this world, no fears, no hiding.  When you begin to do it, others feel they have permission to do it too.

So stand up, feel the fear and still walk forwards courageous ladies, its never too late and your true self is needed more than ever at this time.  You are worthy, remember that always x


This message was lovingly put together by Helen Butler.

Helen Butler

Helen Butler

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