Hi there September Woman,

As we all say hello to a new year and fresh starts, I am taking a good look at where I am in my life. 53 (nearly 54!), major changes at work with a new boss after 13 years of stability with the retired one, one daughter getting married with a good man who has had to take on two children not his own and another daughter having her baby number 2 – along with setting up the September Woman business in my spare time, spreading motivation and inspiration to other women.

Each year that passes brings highs and lows, goals set and achieved, goals set that have disappeared into space somewhere, health worries, family concerns, financial constraints and – tiredness.

Gosh the tiredness! Is it just me? Really? I have the will and the desire but am finding that the physical demands of keeping up doing what I have always done PLUS introducing new September woman activities are affecting me more that I thought they ever would. Is this due to hormones and the menopause? Or is it trying to fit too much in?

Or is it just simply that my body is aging?  Activities like networking with new and exciting people, going to events such as the Ladies’ Night at the Norman Jepson Hotel in Preston. Not to mention having my colours done, keeping fit and eating healthy and trying (but not succeeding yet) to declutter my neglected home. I will share more of these September Woman goings-on with you in future blogs. But I know one thing. I won’t let anything beat me.

My journey through life takes a path and sometimes there appears an obstacle or barrier. Then I look around for a different path, and that is the exciting thing because I don’t always know where it is going to lead to. It’s also a bit (a lot!) scary.

However, I believe that it’s a September Woman ‘thing’. Changing the path on your journey is inevitable but I feel that we have a certain confidence when we are at this time of our lives.

A sort of ‘I’m going to go for it! What have I got to lose’ – along with a greater insight about what we actually want (or at least an awareness of what we definitely don’t want!) I invite you to join me on my journey to see where my present path takes me, discover what opportunities arise along the way and find out whether I have to take a detour or three. And I am encouraging you to share yours.

Are you doing something now that you never thought you would have done? Are you excited about the future and wanting to enjoy it having learned from the experiences you have gained over the years? Are you considering making changes in your life – with or without the backing of people around you? Let’s support and inspire each other and share our stories! Tell us your thoughts and experiences, just contact me through the CONTACT page or leave a comment.

My first tasks? I’m setting up an email newsletter as a way of keeping in touch with everyone and letting you know the interesting articles that are appearing on the site along with events that are coming up which you may be interested in. I am also going back to my healthy eating and exercise regime following the festive season – I need to lose about 6lbs and drastically tone up, and I.Need.To.De.Clutter.

My home and my life feel overwhelmingly surrounded by STUFF. Things. Burdens. That’s going to be the hardest thing for me. I’ve been collecting stuff for all my adult life and have a panic attack if I have to lose any of it. They are my things. They are my memories, without them I forget what I have done, should do, will do. And that is frightening for me.

But until I do it I won’t have the space to selectively add things from my September Woman life.

So bring on 2014. Let’s do this together.

Brenda xx

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