Putting the pieces together one by one?

I have recently had two new clients ask me to mentor them this year and both seem to be suffering from what I call “the jigsaw of life”

We have all done jigsaws in our life, probably on the kitchen table or on a tray, but how many of us realise that we are constantly putting together the picture on the box that we see as our life, by putting the pieces together one by one?

I happen to be quite good at jigsaws and have a strategy that you find the four corners first and then the edges so you can see the perimeter of the picture that you intend to build. I am still building my life jigsaw as pieces and people come into my life, often for a reason.

The same goes for our lives, we seek the four corners, a job, a partner, a home, health perhaps, but the edges that join these corner pieces are often harder to find as they can be different things to all of us, never mind the pieces which make up the full picture.

Having a mentor, helps you to see the clear picture you are trying to build in your life, your job, your business and suggesting some of the intricate pieces you might want to consider in order to interlock them into place.

We all dream what we want, and as you dream and believe in the “picture” so shall you become that dream one day and having a mentor gives you that positivity that you have set yourself on the right path.

How many jigsaws have you done where there were “pieces missing” ?

How many of us are lost in the daily distractions and temptations which detract from us having the time to sit down for an hour with someone who can help you start to put the pieces together?

Each piece of our jigsaw of life, in my opinion, is for a purpose, some pieces are happy, others are sad and make you cry, many are predetermined and we can do nothing about them as they are the straighter edges of daily life. There is no giant step to reach the full picture, it is made of many small pieces, so we take one step at a time!

So take a minute after reading this and think about your “jigsaw”:

Do you have missing pieces?

Do some of your pieces not fit properly ?

Have you found all the straight edges?

Perhaps it’s time you studied the lid of your box again and seek a mentor, but remember;

“What you see depends on what you are looking for”.


Why not share your story? Contact me at: brenda@septemberwoman.co.uk


Archie Workman

Archie Workman

Mentor & Gamechanger

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