What will you do today? What do you WANT to do today?

I met Brenda towards the end of the year. “September Women”…what a great title I thought. There she stood in all glam with her happy smiling face. This was obviously a woman who was willing to put her money where her mouth is. She was truly well meaning and passionate about bringing a wealth of information, sharing stories & making connections for all September ladies. A rare quality possessed by few, most will give lip service only. I could see and feel her passion & driving force in her eyes. “Good for you” I thought. Here’s a woman truly a kin to myself; walking and talking her talk.

Then she got me! As we were being introduced and she stood beside me she guessed my age EXACTLY! “Bloody Nora” no flies on her then! “Bitch” I thought…does she have inside information?  Most people think Im 33!!!! Not 48! (Well, 48 and a half to be precise)!

When I’m out with my granddaughters most folks believe that they’re mine; that is until they call me “Grandma”. “No flies on you then” I thought to myself. “It’s your laughter lines”, she said. “Yes, I guess I’ve laughed a lot in my time, good bloody job I have a sense of humour” was my reply. She’d nailed me! No point pretending then?

So, honestly at 48! (well 33 if you like), nope we will stick at 48 – it’s truth and honesty after all.

Autumn leaves, September women; just like the mature leaves we have been coloured by life, its ups and downs, experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. They say that variety is the very spice of life, im sure that’s true too.

Autumn is certainly one of my favourite months. The rich wealth of colours and shades of reds, golds, yellows and oranges touches me each and every time I look at a single tree or walk in nature. Watching the trees change and although losing their leaves, I recognise that they still stand in their strength, grace and majesty too.

The leaves themselves return to the earth to supply replenishment and rejuvenation to our Mother and our home. Re-cycling at its very best.

By now we have matured like an old smelly cheese, only joking. We have learnt that patience is indeed a virtue, we have learnt trust through mistrust and hopefully we are beginning to grow up? Maybe we have also kissed one too many frogs in the hope of finding our prince too? Maybe we have experienced one too many broken promises?

And yet, in truth, at 48 I’m now finally learning the wisdom from the appreciation of my childhood experiences. I love to watch my granddaughters laugh and play, their complete innocence and their ability to BE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. It’s called the PRESENT for a reason after all…..just what have we lost and forgotten along the way?

My granddaughters  usually sleep in bed with me whenever they stay overnight. I love listening to their gentle snores, not to mention a kick in the ribs once or twice through the night. They awaken and always snuggle close “I love you Grandma” they say “what are we going to do today?” There’s always such excitement in their voices, the tone and, as I look into their eyes there’s further vibrance of their love for life.

“What would you like to do” I ask, “shall we paint/colour/watch a DVD/snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket or go for a walk?

“What would YOU like to do today?”

Their child-like awe and wonder, their passion for life is exceptional and amazing. They KNOW they’re going to enjoy today and ALL days, in each and every way they will embrace every opportunity and fully utilise it.

So, my question is this? What will you do today? What do you WANT to do today?

We have a choice to be child-like or not. We can choose to see the world through new eyes, each and every day. We can embrace each and every moment fully, to be in the present rather than thinking of the past or the future. And yet, we often awaken thinking of the washing, cooking, ironing, cleaning etc. “It’s gonna be a bad day,” “the weathers bad,” “I’ve missed the bus,” “only five years til I retire”…What is it really all about?

So, what have I learnt at 33/48? I’ve learnt the willingness to keep learning. The willingness to find joy in each and every day. Have I had knocks in life, trials and tribulations? Of course I have.

Life has weathered me just like the autumn leaves, and yet, I am still ready for a new day. I look forward to new adventures daily and really believe that today is indeed filled with many miracles too.

Living each day as if it’s my last is my motto. This is by no means in a morbid way, rather like I’ve learnt to value my time and my life too. I choose who to spend my time with and who I want to be around. I look beyond my story; my divorce, my crap life as it used to be, bringing up my four children alone, struggling to pay bills, feeling tired to the very core of my being, thinking and actually believing that life was nothing more than a series of hard knocks from the school of life.

Following one too many “dark nights of the soul” I “awoke/reconnected to life and WHAT IT WAS THAT I TRULY DESIRED. Surely to goodness it was time to put down the hurt and the bad smell of the emotional baggage, my hurts, pains, worries, sorrows? It was time to let them go, or at least begin to let them go.

Autumn leaves? Too right, life is now filled with colour, wonder and awe. When did you last scrunch in the leaves? Look up at the moon and the stars and make a wish? Watch a sunset? A rainbow? Read a good book? Really sit and BE in the MOMENT?

Autumn leaves….do I use my colourfulness to inspire and enthuse others? Do I shine my light around like a blanket of leaves upon an open field, so others can find theirs?

Do I go with the flow of life, just like a leaf on a gentle breeze, trusting that I’ll end up wherever I am meant to be.

Autumn leaves indeed. Is life just one big adventure to be embraced and shared? At our age surely we have wisdom and experiences to share, improved communication skills, more patience and tolerance too.

48 it is indeed! Too bloody right and proud I am too. I’m looking forward to “ROCKING” towards 50.  I’m delighted to be in my autumnal prime, choosing to live life to the full, to put money where my mouth is, to be patient and kind with myself, to inspire and encourage others by sharing my life’s wisdoms and learnings. I’m still willing to learn from others too; both old and young alike, especially from the wisdom and innocence of a child.

MY INNER CHILD, Little Louise is here to stay!

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Mary Curtis

Mary Curtis

Mary Curtis is a Psychic Healer and the Author of two books, The Goldfish that Jumped and The Kingfisher that Rocked. Both are available on Amazon and in bookstores.

Mary has a wealth of talents and qualifications, including in Spiritual Counselling and Reiki Healing, Life-coaching, Retreats, Psychic Readings, Hypnotherapy. She is an international speaker and an amazing woman!

She can be found at Journey Into Your Soul

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