B Is For Being Me

Do you feel comfortable in your skin? Janet, who talked about being in the September of her life at the launch of the September Woman website, feels more comfortable now than she ever has.

After years of wearing black and not wanting to stand out, she now feels at ease wearing turquoise – not exactly a subdued shade! When you get older you reach a point when you feel you can express yourself as you want – and not be concerned with the comments of others. In fact, in my experience, others are quick to tell you how great you look and have a ‘go for it!’ response.

Why deliberately wear colours that make you fade into the background if your choice is to be bright and expressive? Go for it!

E Is For Experience

Women in their September years have bags of it. Not only in their roles as mothers or wives or partners.

The years of building relationships and learning from mistakes provides enough rich material for anyone’s CV. A pal of mine has just changed jobs and now works for the council – at 67 no less. Who would have thought that anyone would be employed at that age? Yet she was. And getting older doesn’t mean that your experiences have to stop.

An article recently told of a 93 year old fitness instructor who also has other hobbies such as writing poetry and composing songs. What are your plans for the future? September Woman will bring you other people’s experiences to inspire you.

R Is For Reviewer

Janet spoke of her time as a reviewer for the professional body that regulates nurses, the NMC. This is not an easy job and requires high level skills of assessment, report writing and the ability to scrutinise student nurse placements. These new experiences gave Janet the confidence to then go on to become a trustee of her local charity.

I myself have gained the confidence somewhat to start a business in my spare time – September Woman.

This confidence has come from a state of mind that says – if you don’t do it now you never will. I have never been a person of regrets. I was asked only today by a colleague whether, if I could, I would transport myself back in time but with the experience and knowledge I have now. My answer was an immediate ‘No!’

Firstly, I am sure that although I have learned enough not to make the same mistakes again (drifting between jobs, not taking advantage of opportunities or knowing what I wanted), I am sure I would make different mistakes so it won’t actually be a pleasant experience!

Secondly, when in time would be the best year to transport to? 1970s? 1980s? I honestly can’t think of why they might be better than the times we live in now. No easily accessible internet? No Smartphones? No Jason Derulo? (Look him up if you don’t know who he is!) No, leave me where I am and I’ll make the best of the decisions I have made and the time I have left.

Bring it on!!



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