What does being a September Woman mean to you?

Janet beautifully articulated her thoughts at the September Woman launch recently. I have also added my own interpretations:

S Is For Self-Belief & Self Concept

In order to find the confidence to get to where you want to be you have to believe in yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect others to?

I heard very recently of a woman who relies so much on her husband to pay the bills, be the breadwinner, take her everywhere (she doesn’t drive, he never wanted her to learn and she didn’t have the confidence to insist that she did) and do everything together.

That is fine if both are partners in the relationship and want the same thing, and maybe once upon a time they both did. However, now in her sixties she wants some independence and to experience what life has to offer on her own terms. Yet she feels she doesn’t have the right to and that she is too late.

Sharing stories from other women who have been in a similar situation and hearing how they have survived this challenge is what September Woman support is about so we look forward to hearing your experiences.

S Is Also For Sex

Never usually mentioned by people over a certain age. When I was a youngster, the thought of people in their September Years actually doing it prompted a YUK! response, and I suspect it still does.

I have had conversations which led to the subject of sex only for them to turn into a scene from a Carry On film. Ooh Err Matron! Conversely, people will say defensively ‘oh we don’t bother with that sort of thing anymore’.

Don’t be afraid of enjoying an active sex life if you wish  – you are never too old no matter what the younger generation think.

E Is For Enjoyment of Retirement at 55

Some people like Janet are lucky to be able to retire early. One of the major benefits of retirement whilst still very active is that you can put your skills and motivation to use in some new and exciting challenge, like charity work.

There is a joy to putting your energy and passion into something different and rewarding and it helps to keep the brain and body active.

Think back years ago when your mother and grandmother retired. They often ended work with few new opportunities, poor support and advice for looking after their health and an expectation that they would slow down until they stopped.

Whatever age you retire at, look upon it as beginning a new and exciting chapter in your life.


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