The end of another International Women’s Day but not the end of Inspirational Women!

At the Pink Link Ladies event, hosted by the luxurious Ribby Hall (with fantastically yummy food) we were honoured to hear from two women who have had to face difficult personal situations yet both managed to start their own businesses and inspire others in the process.

Jen Blackwell has had her share of difficulties. Growing up with Downs Syndrome has severely limited her opportunities and, with the support of her parents, she has had to fight for what she is passionate about – dancing. Her spirit and determination has helped her to overcome the obstacles placed on her by a society which still maintains a limiting view of the potential of people with learning disabilities.

Holly Moore of Make Events told a hushed audience of how she overcame debilitating health problems to become the founder of a very successful events management company, organising creative and unique events for the rich and famous all over the world. Her message wasn’t one of living in the past, but in demonstrating determination to achieve her goals by delivering excellent customer service.

Both are passionate about what they do and they are a lesson for all of us that no matter what you are facing you can move forward and achieve your goals. Neither of these ladies think that they are any more special or talented than anyone else.

Passion is energy and it drives us to what we like and want to do through the many obstacles and barriers in our way. Those we can’t break through, we have to be flexible and go round. It may be scary – there is no road map to our aspirations.

Listening to women who are following their dreams is one of the most motivational feelings there is. Let’s follow our own passions and beat the odds that we all have been dealt!



Dance Syndrome

Dance Syndrome

Dance Syndrome is a registered charity and has a very limited budget. If you want to know more and want to make a difference through either being involved or making a donation, they can be found at:

Make Events

Make Events

Make Events can be found at:

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